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"A Journey of a Thousand Miles, begins with a good taco"

Welcome to TJ

In 1987 a young Carlos Marquez, from Puebla, Mexico moved to the vibrant border town of Tijuana. A city of dreamers.
Carlos was amazed at how many tourists would pour in on a daily basis just to eat tacos. He figured if the demand is so high, then chances are he could find consistent work, working in one the Taqueria kitchens around town.
After starting his career in the food industry as a dishwasher,  Carlos eventually moved up to head cook. For the next few years Carlos would hone his craft, and his recipe. 



A Dream of Something Better

The hope of a better life for his Family led Carlos to eventually travelling over that same Frontera he worked along, for so long. 

Having to start over didn’t bother Carlos, the skills he gained in Tijuana helped him stand out. Carlos was running kitchens in no time, all while gaining notoriety and a reputation in his Southern California, community.

Family Push

With the encouragement of his son Carlos Jr, Family, and Friends, Carlos  began a small catering business. Serving traditional recipe dishes at weddings, quinceañeras, and corporate events. Things began to skyrocket when Carlos began to add “Tacos Estilo Tijuana” to the menu. Just like in Tijuana, Carlos and his family instantly saw the demand for Authentic Tijuana Tacos. Carlos was able to dedicate himself full time to his passion and was able to start his own official business. Like all great dreamers, Carlos wanted his dream to be big!
“Give people a true, Tijuana experience” Carlos would bring the same smells, sounds, images, tastes and textures from Tijuana to the neighborhood.



Time to go big!

Carlos Tijuana Tacos was officially born in 2019. After working out of a local spot in Whittier, California. Carlos and his family reached that great American Dream and began there first brick and mortar store. 

Despite the lockdowns and restrictions, Carlos Tijuana Tacos thrived! The Tacos were a massive hit. The demand was so great that a 2nd location needed to be opened in Bellflower, CA.




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